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Our Story

This began when Poetree’s founder’s 30 year-old daughter came to her with the first signs of hyperpigmentation and genetic dark circles around her eyes. As a mother, she began her search to find a fresh, clean product to diminish the signs of this issue. While she had used a host of products on her own skin for several years, when it came to her daughter, she looked, for the first time, at exactly what was in these creams, serums and toners.  What she found was that there was no product she could recommend with ease for her own child. As a founder and CEO of an all-natural supplement company, our founder embarked on a seven-year quest partnering with labs that understood her eco-friendly approach to skincare, as well as her high standards of purity and quality.  With the core theory that nature has an antidote for every concern, the result was Poetree: a safe, botanical line that delivers transformational results for all skin types of all ages.

Poetree Botantical Skincare is founded on the premise that beauty products should align with natural ingredients whose properties combine to address common skin concerns. From white caviar extract to bearberry to licorice, we take botanticals from land and sea to address the damage caused by the elements. With laser focus we created safe products that do not contain parabens, phthalates or chemical glycols.  We believe in the inclusion of extracts straight from our ecosystem and ingredient names our customers can actually understand. We stand by clean products that are good for you.